Hosting free camps for children with disabilities


Heswall Disabled Children’s Holiday Fund have been hosting free holidays for disabled children since 1962. We are driven by a desire to provide opportunities for those children that might not otherwise be available to them, and to provide respite to their families.

Become a volunteer

Without Volunteers, the Association cannot function and because of them, disabled children aged 9-15 years and families of children with disabilities are able to enjoy a happier life. Volunteers are needed to help fundraise and to help on our holidays.

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Make a donation

To run each camp we need to raise over £35,000 each year, for which we rely upon the generosity of donations from industry, charitable organisations and individuals.

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Why it matters

Every year we host a summer camp for up to 30 children aged 9-15 years who have disabilities. At our camp the children benefit from the independence it offers them. For many, this is the only time they spend away from home all year.

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North West Camp

Our camp in the North-West of England is held at the Barnstondale Centre every August. We take applications from anywhere in the area bounded by Blackpool-Manchester-Birmingham-North Wales, or beyond.

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More Information

If you’re looking for more information about our application process, our policies, or our Ofsted registration, you can find links to everything you need on the Information page - if there’s anything you’d like us to add, let us know.

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South West Camp

Our new camp in the South-West of England is held at the Barton Camp every August. We take applications from anywhere in the area bounded by Birmingham-Swindon-Exeter-South Wales, or beyond.

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