For children

One of the boys tells what camp means to him

Hi, I have been to the Heswall Camp 4 times.

I was a bit scared the first time I went, being away from home but the helpers reassured me and made me feel really welcome.

The helpers have experience of lots of different difficulties, which the children have, and what their needs are.

There is no one looking at you because you’re in a wheelchair. I could be myself with lots of friends and helpers that care for us; it’s great!

The fun starts as soon as you have checked in and seen your room. Plenty of games and I do a lot of laughing.

You can expect to be busy for the whole time you’re at the camp. Up early for the days out, great breakfast and on the bus and out to maybe Blackpool, Camelot, Blue planet or a museum. Even if we stay in camp the adventure goes on; with in-house sports, mad games or birds of prey. Last year we had pimp my ride on my wheelchair, It was fantastic! You meet new friends and make great friends too.

At night, the fun continues with discos or games. The time I have every year is great as I can be myself, no worries, great staff and fantastic time.

I am shattered at the end of the week.

If I could change two things about the camp, it would be not getting up early, (as I like my bed) and the time to say goodbye and have to go home.