For parents

A parent tells what impact camp had on their family

Firstly there were the physical benefits. To have a week when we didn’t have to get up three to four times every night to change his position in bed to allow him to get comfortable and go back to sleep, was the biggest gain. We had got used to this routine, but this week showed us how badly we needed this break for our own wellbeing.

We had more energy and I was not as irritated as I had been! The break from lifting him several times a day in and out of his wheel chair also gave our backs a much needed recovery period, as we now both suffer from back problems. In fact the whole change in our routine of having to help Chris with every activity in his life allowed us to recharge our batteries.

Having time to ourselves was another big plus. During the week we had a couple of day’s holiday on our own and enjoyed activities such as hill walking, which we are unable to do with Chris. Again this improved our mood and helped balance the frustrations we sometimes get by the limitations our family life has.

At the same time we would not have relaxed if we were concerned about Chris. The way everyone at the camp had responded to our questions made us feel we were leaving him in very capable and understanding hands.

Lastly, but certainly not least was the pleasure we experienced when we picked Chris up at the end of the Camp. He has obviously had a great time and his ability to cope without us for this period in turn gave us a confidence boost for his future.